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RV-SD amplifiers have been Mitsubishi Electric's main control technology for many years. However, these technologies are now obsolete as many electrical components have reached their end of life.

For that reason, already some years ago Mitsubishi Electric with its RV-FR offered a successor technology, now being a leading control solution providing faster and more reliable controllers than before. On top of that RV-FR provides many modern features that allow our customers to meet the requirements of the digitalization era.

Mitsubishi Electric provides a set of software and hardware tools to support the process of transition to the new technology, including special adapters to keep the existing wiring as well as program converters.

Transition process

  • Identify the install base of obsolete technology
  • Identify the communication network used. It might be possible to make the transition in stages where new controllers communicate with old ones.
  • Identify system requirements and available budget
  • Contact Mitsubishi Electric’s technical support if needed


Replacement manual from RV-3SD_3SDJ to RV-4FR-D_4FRL-D (pdf)

Replacement manual from RV-6SD_6SDL to RV-7FR-D_7FRL-D (pdf)

Replacement manual from RV-12SD_12SDL to RV-13FR-D_RV-13FRL-D (pdf)

Other supporting tools and documents


For more technical details about the RV-SD Platforms, please find the respective manuals in our Download Centre


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